ADHD research that benefits people with ADHD

At ADHDFund the crowd determines what is important. ADHDFund is patient-centered, it involves research questions and ideas of people with ADHD. We fund research that serves people with ADHD in the short term.

The contributors determine which research is funded. These are people with ADHD, their networks, as well as the researchers and their networks. This empowerment of people with ADHD and their researchers, is a highly novel approach in psychiatry.

ADHDFund Art

To continue to maintain this platform for ADHD research, the organisation needs help as well. Art brings us, the crowd together. We already received so many amazing works of art. The succes of the selling of art will help us put even more effort into the funding of research projects.

Creative people in our ADHD community have donated small works of art, which we sell in our shop. Feel free to take a look!

Art brings us, the crowd together.

The Board

Who is behind ADHDFund

Meet the organisation behind ADHDFund

  • ADHDFund is a non-profit organisation with a small board that takes care of legal responsibilities, organisation and finances.
  • ADHDFund received a starting grant from the Dutch ADHD Netwerk, of professionals involved in ADHD
  • ADHDFund is supported by a Committee of Recommendation, A Scientific Advisory Board, and by an Advisory Board consisting of Partners among organisations of people with, and researchers on ADHD
  • ADHDFund needs lots of support from international ambassadors and volunteers to reach the crowd that needs to be involved in ADHD research, in order to improve the quality of life of people with ADHD.
Dr. Sandra Kooij


Mr. Han Jalink


Ir. Koos Breen


ADHDFund has a devoted and active community. We are thankful for our
ambassadors and volunteers.
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