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New paintings

New paintings were recently donated by wonderful artists. For instance, a painting called “Inner Landscape” from Aline ter Beek (born in 1952, deceased in 2012). She graduated in 2002 from the Academy of Arts. Her daughter Denise donated this beautiful work of art to ADHDFund to honour her mother. Aline always suspected she had…


Sandra Kooij about ADHD and Art

ADHD and Art   by Sandra Kooij I have always felt close to science, nature, and art. Or to beauty, inspiration, love and friendship. These are all related! To experience the beauty of knowledge, the inspiration of people, the unexplainable of love and friendship, isn’t it the best part of life? So, when I realised…


Artworks in the making

The Dutch coast has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Sandra Kooij (ADHD psychiatrist and researcher, founder of ADHDFund) and fellow artist Anne Kjems Philipsen (ADHD psychiatrist from Denmark) were certainly inspired. They spent a day at the Dutch coast to paint. They donate these two beautiful works of art to the ADHD art…